Week 8 Predictions!

Week 8 is upon us, and with it comes a much better slate of games than Week 7 (at least one can hope).  And from what the models say, it looks to be like we’re in for some barn burners. The first game not to miss this weekend, according to the Win Model of the …

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Week 2: Why Computer Rankings Are Fun to Look at Before They’re Ready

What we’ve learned from Week 2 of the AMSTS Computer Rankings: To see the rankings, click here. Well, it’s college football season once again and there’s no better feeling than cranking out the old computer rankings for the first time this season. As always, the first few weeks are incredibly wonky, as both the “wins” …

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Official 2012 ELO-Chess Bracket

And here it is, the official ELO-Chess Bracket using the computer rankings I’ve developed. As would be expected with any ELO-Chess system, very few upsets are predicted, though Missouri making the Final 4 as a 2 seed is noticeable as the one “upset” team that advances far. In fact, the bottom half of the West …

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Welcome to the redesigned AMSTS

Welcome to the all new All My Sports Teams Suck.com.  We’ve redesigned the site for easy access to our NCAA Basketball rankings and NCAA Football rankings.  Our front page will include commentary on the latest rankings and anything noteworthy about the current events of sports.