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For every week this year, we reviewed the lowest attendance throughout college basketball. Ultimately, we set a new record for lowest attended college basketball game ever, while a game that was closed to the public managed to still outdraw a dozen games this season. This year, the average D-I college basketball game was attended by 4,686 people, while the median attendance was 2,733. The mode? 7,637. We’ll get to that in a minute. Overall, 41 of 351 teams (that’s 11.7%, you know) averaged fewer than 1,000 fans per game, while 39 (11.1%) averaged above 10,000 fans per game. Of all […]

NCAA Basketball Attendance: 2017-2018 Season in Review!

We’ve heard it before: The Road to the Final Four is long and painful.  But exactly how long is it?  For some of the teams, it seems like they always get opening round games right down the road.  For the rest of us, it seems like our team has to cross nine time zones to even get to the Sweet 16. Well, I did the work so you didn’t have to. Using some base assumptions, I plugged in the numbers to see who, exactly, has the longest way still to go.  The answer may surprise you.   Assumptions: During the […]

The Long Road to the 2018 Final Four: How Far ...

Conference tournaments wrapped up this week, and with it our weekly column comes to a wrap.  Next week we’ll have a review of the full season, but there was still some great #content this week.  Despite many of the smaller conferences, including AMSTS’ arch-enemy Conference USA not reporting attendance, some of the lower attended games were not reported.  We won’t let that stop us from having a bottom three, so let’s get right to it: Number of games drawing fewer than 1,000 fans: 3 (Season total: 727) Here are the 3 lowest attended games of last week: Northern Colorado vs […]

NCAA Basketball Attendance, Conference Championship Week: Still Three Below 1000!

The final AMSTS Computer Rankings are out and with them, all the help you need for your bracket.   Why pick the AMSTS Computer Rankings? They’re computer rankings, so there’s no inherent bias for or against a team. If a matchup is favorable, it will not hold a personal grudge against one of the teams. As far as computer rankings go, the AMSTS Computer Rankings are one of the best.  We are consistently in the top 5 of Ken Massey’s matrix of computer rankings. It gives you three options with which to base your decisions: The win model, based on […]

NCAA 2018 Tournament Bracket: How To Use the AMSTS Computer ...

It’s the best time of the year, and lucky for you, you’ve stumbled upon one of the best sources NCAA Basketball information for 2018 March Madness.  With a consistent appearance in the Massey Ratings’ Top 5, AMSTS’ computer metrics are second-to-none. Anyway, you’re here for bracket advice. So let’s go with a rundown of teams most likely to upset and those most likely to be upset. The bad news? It’s unlikely we’ll see the first 16 seed upset of a 1 this season, because even though the top of the league isn’t that good, the bottom teams are pretty wretched.  […]

2018 NCAA Tournament: Which Teams Are Going to Upset and ...

It’s that time of the year again. It’s warming up, there are reports of baseball being played in some fashion in both Florida and Arizona. Football players are getting at-bats, for some reason.  It’s time for baseball fans to wake up from their hibernation and look forward to the 2018 season, unless you’re an Orioles fan like me.  Anyway, for the third year we’re looking at which MLB Team will travel the farthest. In 2016, it was the Seattle Mariners, in 2017 it was the Oakland A’s. Will an AL West team retain the throne this year? Let’s start with the assumptions, […]

Which MLB Team Will Fly the Farthest in 2018?

Conference tournaments have begun (or in the case of a few, finished) and with it, attendance up to its highest level on the year.  We won’t let that stop us from having a bottom three, so let’s get right to it: Number of games drawing fewer than 1,000 fans: 22 (Season total: 724) Here are the 3 lowest attended games of last week, and a gratuitous shot of game #4 with Alcorn State hosting Southern in front of 472 Loyola (MD) vs Army – In the first round of the Patriot League tournament, Loyola hosted Army and only 413 showed up.  […]

NCAA Basketball Attendance Week 17: A Game Behind Closed Doors

As we edge closer to conference championship week (or if you’re a Big Ten fan, the bye week), some games are critical in determining seeding for the tournament.  On the other hand, quite a few games have very little impact.  Most of those games ended up on our list this week.  We also hit the 700 game mark this season for fewer than 1,000 in attendance, which is the highest we’ve seen in the past three years. Let’s take a look at the full week: Number of games drawing fewer than 1,000 fans: 29 (Season total: 702) Here are the […]

NCAA Basketball Attendance, 2017 Week 16: Seven Hundred Sub-1000 Games ...

With my beloved Purdue Boilermakers having played the Arizona Wildcats in both basketball and football this year, the thought entered my mind after the Boilers took the Wildcats to the shed in basketball, “How impressive of a win would Purdue need in the Foster Farms Bowl to blow out Arizona in football worse than they blew out Arizona in basketball?”   Okay, it ended up being moot as Purdue choked away a big first half lead and won the game on a miracle catch by a guy from Paris, France.   But a moot point has never been enough to […]

A Look at Margin of Victory in College Football vs ...

Some frequent offenders in the bottom three this week, as Presbyterian takes the bottom spot once again.  Other than that, a little excitement with some Atlantic Sun and Patriot League matchups finding themselves in the bottom three. As for how everyone else did?  Let’s take a look at the full week: Number of games drawing fewer than 1,000 fans: 33 (Season total: 673) Here are the 3 lowest attended games of last week: Stetson vs Lipscomb– A little A-Sun as the Hatters hosted the Bison in front of 412. With Lipscomb in 2nd in the conference and Stetson second from […]

NCAA Basketball Attendance, 2017 Season, Week 15: Valentine’s Day in ...

It’s been a long few months since we’ve had anything beyond attendance articles. We know you noticed.  But I wanted to reach out to everyone to allay your fears and assure you that more content is coming.   The reason behind the hold up? I’ve been recoding The Sports Logbook, a website where you can keep track of all of the sporting events that you’ve been to.  And I’m guessing that if you’re the kind of guy (or gal!) who has been hanging out with us through these attendance articles, keeping track of these things is something you’re interested in. […]

The Reason We Haven’t Had Many Articles Lately

A mirror matchup this week made the bottom three as St. Francis took on St. Francis. Beyond that, Arizona State, who started out 12-0, has now fallen so far that they drew the lowest attendance in the Power Five in the last week. And how did everyone else do? Let’s take a look at the full week: Number of games drawing fewer than 1,000 fans: 35 (Season total: 640) Here are the 3 lowest attended games of last week:   St. Francis vs St. Francis – Terriers vs the Red Flash, but who could turn down a game of St. Francis (of Brooklyn) […]

NCAA Basketball Attendance, 2017 Week 14: Arizona State’s Fall From ...