European sports culture sucks

  Okay, I admit.  I love American sports, and I hate the  hipsterspeople who tell me that European sports are soooooo much more passionate than their American counterparts. It’s true.  Europeans sing through the entire game, songs that have probably been sung since Charlemagne mandated them during his reign (don’t bother fact checking this sentence).  However, …

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Pete Carroll reads AMSTS, does not suck

Okay, the headline may be an exaggeration, surely Pete Carroll doesn’t read AMSTS, but after last year’s post about the benefits of leading off the overtime period with an onside kick, it seems that at least someone out there was listening.  Or they organically came up with the same idea, but that’s a lot less fun.

In yesterday’s season opener against the Rams, Carroll’s Seahawks started the overtime period with a surprise onside kick.

Here’s a link because the NFL sucks and will not let you embed videos outside of their own website.

And here’s the best part, it sort of worked! The Seahawks did not recover the kickoff, but they held the Rams to a field goal, which gave them the opportunity to take possession and attempt to score a game winning touchdown. It was that effort that felt short after Marshawn Lynch was stopped on a 4th and 1 after driving down the field to the Rams 42.

So I am going to mark this one up as a philosophical success, just a failure of execution.  Hey, even Pete agrees it’s a great move.

Pete admiring the AMSTS Onside Kick article... or not.
Pete Carroll admiring the AMSTS Onside Kick article… or not.
(Original Image Credit: “Pete Carroll August 2014” by Mike Morris – Flickr. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Commons –