It’s been a long few months since we’ve had anything beyond attendance articles. We know you noticed.  But I wanted to reach out to everyone to allay your fears and assure you that more content is coming.   The reason behind the hold up? I’ve been recoding The Sports Logbook, a website where you can keep track of all of the sporting events that you’ve been to.  And I’m guessing that if you’re the kind of guy (or gal!) who has been hanging out with us through these attendance articles, keeping track of these things is something you’re interested in. […]

The Reason We Haven’t Had Many Articles Lately

After a disappointing loss to Cincinnati last week, Purdue coach Darrell Hazell is looking to turn the program around In a press conference late on Thursday afternoon, Purdue head coach Darrell Hazell was asked about the team’s bye week progress. “I like our chances this week,” Hazell responded, apparently confused by the question. “A lot of teams will look past Bye, but we’ve looked at the film from the past few years and we have put together what we think will be a winning gameplan.” When asked to elaborate, Hazell continued, “Look, Bye plays very physically. We’ve lost some guys […]

Purdue’s Hazell: “I like our chances” vs Bye Week

Apologies in advance for not staying in my lane, but this one truly had a sporting origin.  While sitting and watching the UEFA 2016 tournament, I really enjoy watching Spain take the pitch for the national anthem as their fans sing the unofficial lyrics while the team members themselves stand stoically. It made me wonder what the distribution of national anthems were by theme. I took the lyrics from the respective Wikipedia page of the nation, then I divided them into the six categories mentioned below. In cases where multiple categories applied, I took the “most right” option, judging from the […]

Not Sports: A Color Coded Map of Every National Anthem’s ...

My wife got her first dose of a “real” Purdue loss last night after the Boilermakers lost in double OT to a 12th seeded Little Rock team, so for those of you who aren’t Purdue fans, I thought I’d initiate you into what it’s like being a Purdue fan.  So with that: welcome to our misery.   Hey look, I got into Purdue! Guess I should start following them. I heard they might be decent this year. Three weeks later     Ah damn, our football team was crap, but basketball season is starting up! Heck, we’re projected to be […]

What It’s Like Being a Purdue Fan, In Images

It’s Friday, we’re not in the mood to do anything serious because Christmas, so let’s take a look at something a little bit out there.  The case for Donald Trump to become the next Athletic Director for Purdue University. In short: How to Make Purdue Great Again. Because, why not? We’ll look at the main things one would for any applicant for a job: the candidate’s desire, fit, ability, and mentality. As an added bonus, we’ll find out his opinion on some fellow Big Ten schools.  Desire: He may be looking for a new opportunity soon.  Or not.  I’ll leave […]

The Case for Donald Trump as Purdue Athletic Director