Introducing the Live AMSTS NCAA Football Computer Rankings!

Can’t get enough AMSTS Computer Rankings?  Want to see what the impact of your team going up 14-0 in the first quarter of a meaningless MAC game is?




Introducing the live AMSTS Computer Rankings!  Updating every 15 minutes from Thursday to early Sunday morning, you’ll see exactly how the rankings move throughout the week of football.  Using last night’s game as an example, Miami is up 47-10 over North Carolina late in the game.  Obviously, Miami is inching up a few spots:


North Carolina is down quite a few spots:


But interestingly, LSU, who beat Miami in Week 2, has climbed up two spots due to their strength of schedule increasing! Check it out:


Obviously, with only one Thursday night game, the rankings will be sensitive towards the teams involved but this is a great example of how the rankings themselves iterate through the entire NCAA Football atmosphere.  Thursday’s one game caused over 30 ranking spot changes!

Keep an eye on this throughout your Saturday.  Even games in progress will be factored in, so that back and forth shootout will lead to some monumental swings as the day progresses.  And the final snapshot at 3 AM on Sunday morning? That’s your sneak peek at the following week’s AMSTS Computer Rankings