Daily Archives: May 21, 2017

  With ten ejections last week, we have had our busiest week of the season for the umpires here in Below the Box Score. Capped off with two bench clearing brawls (Dodgers-Marlins and Yankees-Rays) that had three ejections apiece. The AL and NL split the ejections 5-5, keeping the AL in the lead on the season 27-17.   As mentioned, the Yankees were in Tampa this week which means that attendance for the Rays averaged over 20,000 on the full week, with not one single game below the 20,000 mark. The A’s, Mariners, Padres, Indians, Diamondbacks, Marlins, Pirates, and Twins […]

Below the Box Score, Week of 5/21/2017: Ejections Aplenty!