St. Francis, The Patron Saint of Mexican Food

St. Francis may be the patron saint of animals, the environment, merchants, and stowaways, but after last Thursday we can add Mexican food to the list.

It all started with a simple idea. Take a selfie at the St. Francis (of Brooklyn) basketball game on Thursday night against St. Francis (of Pennsylvania) with a custom designed Snapchat filter made by the Dos Toros (a burrito, taco, and quesadilla establishment right off the campus of St. Francis of Brooklyn) and show that picture the next day and you get free guacamole with the purchase of a meal. With St. Francis (Brooklyn) only averaging 495 people a game, it was a pretty low risk proposition. That afternoon, only 375 showed up, the second lowest number of attendees to ANY college basketball game that week. Perfect.

The Snapchat filter in question (image courtesy Dos Toros Taqueria)

Being a campus favorite, it seemed like a natural fit for Dos Toros to advertise at Terriers games. Only a handful of steps away from the arena, it is a familiar stop to St Francis students. With that, it only made sense that Dos Toros would offer up some halftime entertainment. For four games thus far this season, they have selected one member of the crowd. He or she is tasked with making a layup, a free throw, and culminates in a shot from half court. Hit it and everyone in attendance wins free tacos. Sweet.

The promotion had gone on for most of the season, and for the most part, was a safe marketing bet. Dos Toros gets their name out there, someone gets to launch an airball that seems like it might have a chance as the crowd gets excited, only to have it all come crashing down with some free PR and no risk. No risk, that is, until Saturday. Feeding off the energy of having two St. Francis schools in the building, a young man steps onto the court. As the shot flies through the air, the familiar crescendo of hope picks up steam.

But this time… (forgive the grainy┬ávideo here, folks. This came from Dos Toros themselves, and when they upload the full version we will point it to that)

…the shot went in. Free tacos all around!

The Taco Voucher in question (image courtesy Dos Toros Taqueria)

So those 375 souls who braved some NEC basketball in what I’ve titled the “Battle of Assisi” between the two St. Francis schools were rewarded with free tacos AND a side of guacamole. Dos Toros reported to AMSTS that dozens of free tacos and guacamole were given out on Thursday and Friday — the promotion was supposed to be the Friday only but visiting St. Francis (of PA) fans, riding high off their team’s victory, proceeded directly after the game and their demands were honored.

It turns out that there is such thing as a free lunch after all.