So continuing from where we left off last week, let’s see how we did in our predictions: Suck: Cal 34, Washington State 28.  Result: Not Suck App State 31, Wyoming 13. Result: Suck Temple 37, Charlotte 3. Result: Mega Suck   Not suck: Alabama 38, Georgia 10.  Result: Suck Western Kentucky 49, Rice 10. Result: Suck UMass 24, FIU 14.  Result: Not Suck   I missed pretty badly last week on the “not suck” games.  Let’s hope for your sake that I do better this week.   First off, the games that will suck: 1) Kansas vs Baylor This one should serve as no surprise […]

Week 6 NCAA Football: Games that will and won’t suck

In Europe, the penalty kick is the most anticlimactic moment in sports.  For 120 minutes, 22 men have fought up and down the field, only to have the game decided by a one on one competition that’s hardly representative of on the field talent. In America, the hockey shootout is the most anticlimactic moment in sports.  For 65 minutes, any 6 men of 22 have gone up and down the ice for each team, only to have the game decided by a one on one competition that’s hardly representative of on the ice talent. Okay, but the penalty kick and hockey […]

Penalty kicks and hockey shootouts need to be fixed because ...   Recently updated!

  It finally happened, after going 0-3 ATS, Purdue finally covered.   I do have to say I didn’t see it coming, as the Spartans took a 21-0 lead into the locker room at half time, but in the most uncharacteristic of Purdue moves, Purdue fought back (though perhaps the driving rain bogged down Michigan State, but let’s give Purdue this one), and in fact even had an opportunity to win it by taking the ball across midfield when down 3 with under 2 minutes to go.  Alas, it is still Purdue football and the win over the #2 team […]

Betting against my alma mater: Week 5 (Regression to the ...   Recently updated!

AMSTS Computer Rankings
Week 5 rankings are in and available here.   Big takeaways: Clemson finally gets some respect from the computer after beating Notre Dame. UCLA dropped from 2nd to 27th after losing to Arizona State. After beating NC State, Louisville moved up 29 places, the biggest upward mover this week.  NC State dropped 26 places, edging out UCLA and Miami (of Florida).   Once again, click here for the full rankings.   Tweet

Week 5 AMSTS rankings: Kansas, UCF, and Wyoming suck

  Okay, I admit.  I love American sports, and I hate the  hipsterspeople who tell me that European sports are soooooo much more passionate than their American counterparts. It’s true.  Europeans sing through the entire game, songs that have probably been sung since Charlemagne mandated them during his reign (don’t bother fact checking this sentence).  However, as I have learned in my last year of living in Europe (specifically Berlin), the songs all go basically something like this: TEAMMMMMMM NAME, TEAM NAME TEAM NAME CLAP CLAP CLAP or, alternatively: CLAP CLAP CITY CLAP CLAP TEAM NAME (version 1) CLAP CLAP TEAM […]

European sports culture sucks

Our second part in our recurring series.  Before we get to week 5, let’s see how we fared in our predictions for week 4: Suck: Ole Miss vs Vanderbilt – Ole Miss 27, Vanderbilt 16. Result: Not Suck Ohio State vs Western Michigan – Ohio State 38, Western Michigan 12. Result: Suck South Alabama vs NC State – NC State 63, South Alabama 13. Result: Mega Suck Not suck: Minnesota vs Ohio – Minnesota 27, Ohio 24. Result: Not Suck Arizona vs UCLA – UCLA 56, Arizona 30.  Result: Suck Syracuse vs LSU – LSU 34, Syracuse 24. Result: Not Suck So basically 2/3 for […]

Week 5 NCAA Football: Games that will and won’t suck   Recently updated!

So we’re now in week 4 of me betting against Purdue and I’m alarmed I’m doing this well, but at least today I got to see the beginning of the end. Purdue once again snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, losing by 7 to the Bowling Green Falcons.  This was Purdue’s 2nd MAC loss of the year. Luckily for me, I continued my experiment of betting against Purdue:   I will say that while I’m laughing internally that Purdue consistently fails to cover, I am saddened at the state of the team, with one notable exception.  Today was the […]

Betting against my alma mater: Week 4 (oh my God, ...   Recently updated!

This is a new feature to AMSTS, but one I’m hoping you’ll like. Every week, I will use the AMSTS Computer Ranking point predictor to predict three games that will suck, and three games that will not suck. Of course, I will filter out games against FCS teams in the “Games that will suck” category, because otherwise I would likely just be highlighting FBS vs FCS every week. However, I reserve the right to use FBS vs FCS games in Week 13 when the entire SEC plays FCS teams because that’s complete bullshit. For week 4, we will start with […]

Week 4 NCAA Football: games that do and do not ...

                    As I mentioned in an earlier post, this year I will be (ok, I will probably forget at some point) betting against Purdue every week of the season.  For now I’m giving them the line, but I reserve the right to change that once I start hemorrhaging money at my discretion. Anyway, I was painfully successful in week 1 after a late pick six gave the backdoor cover to Marshall, despite Purdue playing for 50 minutes of the game like they were going to not only cover, but win. Week […]

Betting Against My Alma Mater, Week 3

Athletic Director Morgan Burke  (Image courtesy of Purdue University/ Mark Simons)
Yesterday, our friends over at Hammer & Rails (whom if you’re a Purdue fan and you’re not reading, you are missing out), put together an introspective look at whether Morgan Burke is under-appreciated by Purdue fans.  The article makes quite a few compelling arguments for why Burke is doing a good job, but we just can’t bring ourselves around because of a few problems.   The biggest, in our opinion, is that Morgan Burke is directly responsible for the revenue situation faced by Purdue at the moment.  The H&R article takes an approach of comparing the state of Purdue athletics in […]

We respectfully disagree, Morgan Burke sucks

Pete admiring the AMSTS Onside Kick article... or not.
Okay, the headline may be an exaggeration, surely Pete Carroll doesn’t read AMSTS, but after last year’s post about the benefits of leading off the overtime period with an onside kick, it seems that at least someone out there was listening.  Or they organically came up with the same idea, but that’s a lot less fun. In yesterday’s season opener against the Rams, Carroll’s Seahawks started the overtime period with a surprise onside kick. Here’s a link because the NFL sucks and will not let you embed videos outside of their own website. And here’s the best part, it sort […]

Pete Carroll reads AMSTS, does not suck

The season has begun, and 10 out of 10 Houston Texans kickers agree with me.  The NFL’s new extra point setup sucks.   Okay, it doesn’t suck, it’s just not the best option out there. The story all starts with the NFL competition committee’s meeting in the offseason which had three proposals.  The ultimate selection was what we saw instituted this year.  One of the other proposals was very similar to the accepted proposal, but it put the line of scrimmage for the two point conversion at the one yard line in place of the two.  For those who have […]

The NFL’s new extra point sucks.