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The totally awesome AMSTS Computer College Football Rankings now include FCS teams.   Even more, you can view all of Division I together by selecting the “All” button.   Some week 7 numbers: #1 NDSU, which puts them at #101 in the combined Division I. #2 Eastern Washington, #112 in D-I #3 Richmond, #115 in D-I.   As for Buffalo, the worst FBS team?  There are 28 higher ranked FCS teams than the troubled Bulls.   Check the entire rankings out here!

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If you like ump shows, you’re gonna love the way this week looked. Over the course of the week, a season record 11 teams had a player or manager get rung, totaling 16 ejections on the week. The total ejections for the week come in second to the week of the Rangers-Blue Jays brawl, but this was quite a bit broader than one incident.  When you total up the week, the AL was sent off nine times to the NL’s seven, widening the gap to eight, 95-87. With only one more week left in the season, it seems that the AL […]

Sixteen Ejections For Eleven Teams, Only 10k in Oakland – ...

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  For almost the entire season, the AL has had a lead over the NL in ejections. At times, the lead was a big one, as big as 12 in the past week.  With only a handful of weeks left in the season, the NL seemingly decided that it was time to turn up the rage. The Senior Circuit had seven ejections last week to the American League’s meager one.  This narrows the gap to only six, with two weeks to go. Can the National League take the crown? Or will the AL hold them off? We’ll have to see. […]

NL Makes a Run For the Ejections Title, White Sox ...

After a disappointing loss to Cincinnati last week, Purdue coach Darrell Hazell is looking to turn the program around In a press conference late on Thursday afternoon, Purdue head coach Darrell Hazell was asked about the team’s bye week progress. “I like our chances this week,” Hazell responded, apparently confused by the question. “A lot of teams will look past Bye, but we’ve looked at the film from the past few years and we have put together what we think will be a winning gameplan.” When asked to elaborate, Hazell continued, “Look, Bye plays very physically. We’ve lost some guys […]

Purdue’s Hazell: “I like our chances” vs Bye Week

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It’s a story of the haves and have-nots.  Overall, attendance continues to plummet, as NFL season starts and teams get mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Just this week, the Rays, (first place) Indians, Athletics, White Sox, Reds, Mariners, Marlins, (first place) Nationals, and Twins all had fewer than 20,000 come through the gates for one of their home games this week. Of those nine, only the Twins and Nationals averaged more than 20,000 on the week. On the top end though, nine teams also had greater than 40,000 fans attend one game, the Braves, Blue Jays, Cardinals, Dodgers, Brewers, Yankees, […]

Nine Teams Draw Below 20,000, Nine Teams Draw Above 40,000, ...

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  The story of the week once again is dwindling attendance, even in teams that are in playoff contention.  Last week, seven teams had a game with fewer than 20,000 fans, the Indians, Rays, Orioles, Phillies, Mariners, Brewers, and Astros. Of those seven, four (Rays, Phillies, Indians, Brewers) averaged below the 20k mark for the entire week. The Indians hosted the Twins — a division foe!– in front of only 11,327. Only the Dodgers, Rangers, Giants, and Cubs saw greater than 40,000 this week with the Dodgers and Giants both averaging above that number. In ejections, the American League widened […]

Seven Teams Draw Below 20k, Royals Average 3:37 Time of ...

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If it weren’t for Bryce Harper, 100% of the ejections this week would’ve been Detroit Tigers.  With four in Saturday’s game, the Tigers take the crown for most ejections in one game this season not involving a right hook to Jose Bautista’s jaw. This helped widen the gap between the Junior and Senior Circuit to nine in favor of the AL, trending back to the level that it stayed for most of the season. Attendance made some precipitous drops this week, with the A’s, Rays, Diamondbacks, White Sox, Reds, and Marlins all drawing fewer than 20,000 to at least one game […]

Tigers Vault to Third Overall in Ejections, Six Teams Draw ...

Last week, I brought the good news: The Biggest Blowout Victory For Every FBS Team.  But this website wouldn’t be named All My Sports Teams Suck if we didn’t become numb toappreciate losing, and losing big.   So this week, I bring you that. Every team in the Football Bowl Subdivision’s (plus UAB since they’re coming back!) worst loss in their history. Of course, like last time, teams that have long histories may have horrible blowouts from the late 1800s, so I’ve included a second grouping of the worst loss for every team in the past 50 years. Note: I used […]

The Biggest Blowout Loss For Every FBS Team In Their ...

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Last week was a great week for baseball fans who lead a busy life. Every game was less than four hours in length, with the Padres and Diamondbacks playing a 10 inning, 3:58 game that the Padres won 7-4. Overall, the games this week averaged three hours flat, with the Royals having the lowest average of the week at 2:46, and the Braves the highest at 3:30. Attendance once again showed some evidence of a downward trend with both the Rays and Diamondbacks averaging below 20,000 fans over the course of the entire week.  When looking at individual games, you […]

Not One Game Over Four Hours Last Week; Five Teams ...

College football is right around the corner, and with it: the blowouts of the first few weeks of the season. Sure, there are a few good out of conference games, but there are also plenty of schools that throw together a weak slate of teams to pad their bowl chances. With that, there’s always history to be made, and w   The biggest blowout in college football history is the famed 222-0 Georgia Tech win over Cumberland. Coached by John Heisman (yep, that Heisman), Georgia Tech hung 63 points in each quarter of the first half.  The second half was shortened […]

The Biggest Blowout Victory in Every College Football Team’s History ...

We have finally reached the point in the season in which every MLB team has had at least one player ejected. On Friday, Brewers’ manager Craig Counsell was ejected for arguing balls and strikes in Milwaukee’s game against the Reds. The Brewers were the last pillar to fall, with all 29 other MLB teams having at least one ejection to this point.  The worst part? Counsell was wrong: every pitch in the half inning he was ejected in was officiated correctly. Attendance has started to dwindle for many non-competitors, with many teams having a minimum attendance just above 20,000 on the week. Surprisingly, of […]

Brewers Finally Get First Ejection, The Last Team In MLB ...

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It took twelve weeks for the National League to catch up to the American League in ejections, and only one for the American League to run away with the lead again.  Last week, the AL had eight ejections to the NL’s zero, widening the gap to 68-60 in ejections between the two leagues. The Indians were critical in this, with four ejections over the course of the week, the second highest number of ejections in a week by any one team this season, behind Toronto’s six from May 9-15. Meanwhile in Tampa, every single Rays game this week drew fewer […]

AL Runs Away With Ejections Again, Rays Have 7 of ...