With ten ejections last week, we have had our busiest week of the season for the umpires here in Below the Box Score. Capped off with two bench clearing brawls (Dodgers-Marlins and Yankees-Rays) that had three ejections apiece. The AL and NL split the ejections 5-5, keeping the AL in the lead on the season 27-17.   As mentioned, the Yankees were in Tampa this week which means that attendance for the Rays averaged over 20,000 on the full week, with not one single game below the 20,000 mark. The A’s, Mariners, Padres, Indians, Diamondbacks, Marlins, Pirates, and Twins […]

Below the Box Score, Week of 5/21/2017: Ejections Aplenty!   Recently updated!

It finally happened, over a month into the season, but we got our first sub-10,000 attended game of the year. And our second. And our third. THREE games this week were attended by four figure sums of fans as the Tampa Bay Rays hosted the Kansas City Royals in a four game series. Luckily for the Rays they got 12,000+ to their Monday game to bring their weekly average up to 10,352. Only six teams drew fewer than 20,000 this week, the aforementioned Rays, Athletics, Padres, White Sox, Marlins and Diamondbacks, with  only the White Sox and Diamondbacks averaging above […]

Below the Box Score, Week of 5/14/2017: First Sub-10k Game ...

Not much interesting to note this week, though strangely the American League continues to walk away with the ejections lead. This week four AL players or managers were ejected to the NL’s zero. That’s the second time this year that the NL has gone a week without an ejection. Once again eight teams drew fewer than 20,000 at one point or another this week, including the Rays who drew only 10,118 for Thursday’s game against the Marlins.  The Mariners, Reds, Marlins, Padres, Athletics, Royals and Twins join that list. Of those eight, four teams averaged below the 20,000 mark: The […]

Below the Box Score, Week of 5/7: The Laid Back ...

Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but a Red Sox-Yankees game was at the center of the time of game discussion this week.  The only difference is that this time, the game went 2:21 instead of 4+ hours as usual.  Rob Manfred may or may not have been seen laughing maniacally in his office the next morning. Meanwhile in the rest of the AL East, Manager ejections were en vogue this week as John Gibbons was sent to the clubhouse twice this week while Buck Showalter was ejected once.  The AL retained their lead over the NL with four […]

Below the Box Score, Week of 4/30/17: Yankees-Red Sox Fastest ...

The American League went on an absolute rampage this week. With seven ejections to the National League’s zero, the AL has recaptured its lead in the ejections race by a score of nine to four. Meanwhile, data issues continue with our provider, making it look like the Braves had no fans in attendance (they did). But the data that did come in showed that the A’s, Reds, Rays, Mariners, Twins, and Padres all had fewer than 20,000 to a game this week, with the A’s and Rays both averaging sub-20k for the week.  There is still yet to be a […]

Below the Box Score, Week Ending 4/23: The AL Takes ...

The highlights this week in the attendance front are that seven teams drew over 40,000 once this week, while seven have drawn fewer than 20,000 fans to an individual game (Pirates, Reds, Mariners, A’s, Indians, Marlins, Twins and Rockies). The Pirates, A’s and Reds all averaged fewer than 20,000 for the entire week, with the A’s only drawing 20,140 at their most-attended game this week. Once again, the Dodgers won the week with 49,438 in attendance for Friday’s game. On the other side of things, the Pirates drew only 11,027 for Tuesday’s game against the Reds. Game time continues to not be off to […]

Below the Box Score, Week of 4/16/17:

It’s the first Below the Box Score of 2017, so welcome back to everyone as baseball season has finally begun. Please note some season-starting data headaches from our provider show a few teams as having not hosted as many games as they actually have. It should be fixed going forward but there are a few games missing from this set. Our apologies. The highlights this week in the attendance front were that thirteen teams drew over 40,000 once this week, while nine already have drawn fewer than 20,000 fans to an individual game (Reds, White Sox, A’s, Rays, D-Backs, Orioles, Twins, […]

Below the Box Score: Welcome to 2017! Your Weekly Look ...

Baseball season is upon us, having snuck out of nowhere this year.  The longest of the professional sporting seasons of the four major sports leagues of the US, the MLB schedule requires significant amounts of travel for every team. In fact, 25 of the 30 teams in 2017 will travel more than the entire circumference of the Earth (24,901 miles)! How can I be sure? I did the math, using MLB’s 2017 schedule, a handful of assumptions, and a bit of time with my old pal Excel.  Here’s what I came up with. First, my assumptions: All miles given are statute […]

Which MLB Teams Will Fly The Most in 2017?

Conference tournament time! Full arenas? Not so much. Turns out, two conference tournament games couldn’t even get 1,000 folks to show up.  Let’s take a look: Number of games drawing fewer than 1,000 fans: 2 (Season total: 675) Here are the 3 lowest attended games of last week: 3. Lamar vs SE Louisiana – In the first round of the Southland tournament, Lamar faced the Lions of SE Louisiana with only 1,127 fans in Katy, TX, the neutral site home of the Southland tournament. Lamar ended up with the win 77-65. Lamar would only last another day before being eliminated. But anyway, here’s […]

NCAA Basketball Conference Tournament Attendance: Fun Belt? MACtion? No Thanks

It’s NCAA Tournament time, and while many of us are focused on the bracket, there’s a hidden behind-the-scenes major logistics operation going on as the NCAA charters basketball teams all around the country to partake in the big dance.   Before we get into the winners and losers, let me explain my methodology, because every year I have people ask about it even when I explain it in the article. Maybe putting it higher up will get people to read. I take the nearest commercial (or charter-sized, as is the case for Michigan and YIP) airport and use it as […]

The Road To The Championship: How Far Each 2017 NCAA ...

Ride that Wichita State seeding. Ride it hard. Both the Win and Points Rating agree that Wichita State is the easy favorite going into their matchup with Dayton, and could certainly shock Kentucky in the second round. Here are some quick hits on what the computers think about upsets going into the tournament, as well as some of the closest games. Later this week we’ll have the full AMSTS Computer Brackets! Win Rating says Points Rating Says 16 Seed Most Likely to Win Texas Southern (5% chance) NC Central (-19 points) 15 Seed Most Likely to Win Northern Kentucky (7% […]

The 2017 NCAA Tournament’s First Round Bracket Breakdown, According to ...

Not much shifting at the top end, with UK and UCLA switching spots, and Arizona up 2, while Duke climbs 6 to rejoin the Top 10. The bottom five had even less movement with nobody changing. Everyone else? You can view all 351 teams ranked in our AMSTS Week 19 rankings here. The highlights this week: Division 1 Top 10: Gonzaga Villanova Kansas Kentucky (+1) UCLA (-1) UNC Arizona (+2) Oregon Duke (+6) Louisville (-3) Division 1 Bottom 5: Alabama A&M NC A&T St. Francis (BKN) Florida A&M Arkansas-Pine Bluff Top gainers since last week: Marshall (+22) Kent State (+21) NC Central (+18) ECU (+14) North […]

Pre-Tournament AMSTS NCAA Basketball Rankings Are Out!