2nd Edition of the Wednesday Web Roundup, and here’s what we have.   First off, we have a simple hour and twenty minute Youtube video for you. What about, you ask? It’s just the highest scoring game of all time as Troy State defeated DeVry (yes, DeVry) 258-141.  That’s even with a 45 second shot clock. For some light reading on the game, check this out.  Otherwise: enjoy!     Secondly, your highlight from the last week, in a little shorter video. Congratulations to Arizona Coyotes representative-turned-Montreal-Canadien-turned-St-John’s-Icecaps-forward John Scott on winning MVP of the NHL All Star Game.

Wednesday Web Roundup for February 2, 2016   Recently updated!

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Numbers have somewhat bounced back this week after the winter storm that shook the east coast a couple of weeks ago, overall average attendance is slightly up this week.  Where the attendance changes are mostly seen are on the bottom of the list, however, as fewer teams drew sub 1000 compared to last week (only 16 this week, 33 last week) and the lowest attended game of the week still had more than 400. Number of games drawing fewer than 1,000 fans: 16 Here are the 3 lowest attended games of last week: 3. Fairleigh-Dickinson vs St Francis (PA) 523 showed up to see […]

NCAA Basketball Attendance Week 13, The Best and the Worst   Recently updated!

The Super Bowl is only just over a week away, which means that next week, you will get all the Super Bowl coverage you could possibly imagine. But rather than simply looking forward to one game, I decided to take a look back at the history of the game in it’s most fundamental piece: the players. And by looking at the players, I decided to take a look at the most fundamental piece of the players: their names.   Methodology note: All data is from starting lineups as listed on Pro Football Reference. List excludes Kickers and Punters (sorry guys, […]

Super Bowl Names: An Analysis of Every First Name that ...   Recently updated!

Trying something a little different this week with some of the things I’ve found from around the web in the last week that may be of interest to you.   The theme this week is clearly baseball, as both articles come from varying Orioles-related influences, the first is a data driven article by Derek Arnold of Eutaw Street report which talks about the potential impacts of a strike zone change, and how the metrics have led to the point where the strike zone change discussion needs to happen.  You can read that article here.    The second is a little […]

Wednesday Web Roundup for January 27, 2016

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Numbers are down big this week, likely due to a major snowstorm that enveloped the east coast. That being said, this week has a first. A team making the list twice in the bottom 3 in attendance! This is almost as good as the US sweeping the podium at the Olympics. Almost. First off, a sum of all the games with low attendance this week: Number of games drawing fewer than 1,000 fans: 33   The top 3? 3. Bryant vs St. Francis (PA) – This game took place on Thursday night in Smithfield, RI, before the snow was coming down. Even still, the […]

NCAA Basketball Attendance Week 12: The Best and Worst

Cameron Indoor Stadium: A big help or not so much?
As the 2015-16 College Basketball season passes its halfway point, it’s worth taking a look at the value of a home game.  Various people have done it in the past, but none of it has been updated for 2015-16, and we’ll look at how best to do it. First off, we’ll take every game played this season and take the average home score versus the average visitor score, you’ll see that home court advantage is worth approximately 9.5 points, with the home team scoring an average of 76.95 and the visitor scoring an average of 67.45 points this year.  So that’s it, the […]

What is Home Court Advantage Worth in College Basketball?

Editor note: Today’s post is by AMSTS’ newest contributor, “AirBall”.  Japanese baseball is a blast – I recommend taking in a game if you ever have the chance. The crowd is incredibly committed, and if you’re not Japanese you’ll probably be on the Jumbotron a few times. The best part? You’ll be able to watch the players of your childhood jogging around the bases (I’m looking at you, Tuffy Rhodes). I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the Yomiuri Giants beat the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters in the Tokyo Dome. But where is Yomiuri? And what is a “Nippon-Ham Fighter”?     It […]

Boeing Cubs? Kroger Reds? What MLB Teams Would Look Like ...

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The semester is now in full swing across the nation, giving tons of fans of [INSERT YOUR SCHOOL HERE] no excuses as to why they drew so poorly. Despite what fans of [INSERT YOUR SCHOOL HERE] think, I have nothing against the fine people of [INSERT YOUR SCHOOL HERE].  Anyway, let’s take a look at the numbers this week. Number of games drawing fewer than 1,000 fans: 14 The three lowest attended games of the week? NOW WITH BONUS FOURTH GAME OF THE WEEK 4. New Orleans vs Incarnate Word – The Cardinals of Incarnate Word have only been in Division 1 since 2013, […]

NCAA Basketball Attendance Week 11: Highs and Lows of the ...

The major news story of the week for football fans everywhere was the announcement that the St. Louis Rams would be moving to Los Angeles, and the option that the San Diego Chargers may exercise to also move to LA.  And, if the Chargers decide not to move, the Raiders getting the option after that to move to LA.  Disheartening for fans in multiple metro areas, but what would the league look like if they had imposed a ban on teams playing outside of the metropolitan area that they were founded in?  Let’s take a look.   Before we get to […]

What the NFL Would Look Like if Teams Were Not ...

We’re back into the swing of things with most colleges having started their spring semester, which seems to have helped most teams out of the nadir of the year.  This week saw marked improvement over last with quite a few games with fewer than 1,000 fans: Number of games drawing fewer than 1,000 fans: 39 The three lowest attended games of the week? 3. Presbyterian vs Longwood – The Blue Hose hosted the Longwood Lancers in a Big South conference clash.  As a nice little piece of trivia for you, Longwood’s athletic Twitter account uses the hashtag #GoWood. Moving right along, the Blue […]

Week 10 NCAA Basketball Attendance, the Highs and Lows

Mariners 2016 Map
We’re a mere 42 days from pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training, so why not take a look ahead at the MLB season? The longest of the professional sporting seasons of the four major sports leagues of the US, the MLB schedule requires significant amounts of travel for every team. In fact, 28 of the 30 teams in 2016 will travel more than the entire circumference of the Earth (24,901 miles)! How can I be sure? I did the math, using MLB’s 2016 schedule, a handful of assumptions, and a bit of time with my old pal Excel.  Here’s what […]

Which MLB Teams Will Fly the Most in 2016?

The doldrums just keep coming folks, as the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day had a new record (since we’ve been tracking this) number of games with fewer than 1,000 fans: Number of games drawing fewer than 1,000 fans: 55 But it gets even better. There were two games this week which established a new lowest bar in college basketball attendance. TWO games drew fewer than 100 people. TWO! The three lowest attended games of the week? 3. Grambling State vs Alabama A&M – It was an old fashioned “SWAC-off” (editorial note: looked it up, and that is not the SWAC’s […]

NCAA Basketball Attendance, Week 9 Highs and Lowest