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  The dog days of summer are upon us this week, as both the Cardinals and Nationals hosted games on Sunday in a balmy 96 degrees. While temperatures may have risen, tempers certainly have not, as we had the fewest ejections in a week since May.  With four ejections — all in the National League! — the gap between leagues is as narrow as it has been all season with the AL leading by only three: 59-56. The first full week of the second half of the season brought the fans out to the ballpark, as only the A’s and Phillies drew […]

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Temp vs Total Runs Scored 1950-2015
You may remember a few weeks back, we took a look at the relationship between temperature and length of game. From that conversation, a few readers reached out and surmised that the reason that hotter games tended to last slightly longer may be because more offense happens in games with warmer weather. Like last time, we’ll start with the 2016 data, then extend it out to 1952-2015. And because it was brought up last time, temperatures have remained almost exactly steady overall since 1952, so no need to challenge the data on the grounds of global warming.   In regards […]

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Below The Box Score
With the All-Star Game behind us, and each team having played only one series this week, there’s not a whole lot to report in Below the Box Score this week, since everything notable was achieved by two teams this week. So first, we’ll just do a quick overview of the first half of the season: Here’s some trivia for you from Below the Box Score’s first half: Only the Brewers and the Phillies have not had an ejection so far this year. The Cardinals, Indians, Mariners and Yankees only have one ejection. The Blue Jays (14) and Pirates (10) are […]

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Before I begin, let me just say that, title aside, I think the talent level in the National League is high, but the gap between the two leagues seems to be widening with each passing year. So put down the pitchforks and torches and hear me out.   Last night, the American League continued to assert its dominance over the National League with a 4-2 victory in the All Star Game. For those of you keeping score at home, that means that since 1997, the American League is 16-3-1 in the midsummer classic. 16-3-1 when the best players of each […]

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Below The Box Score
The All-Star break is upon us, and with it the informal halfway point of the MLB season. When play resumes, we’ll quickly come upon the trade deadline, the 40-man roster expansion, and in no time at all, playoff baseball. But before that, let’s take a look at the bottom of the box score from last week. The 100th ejection of the season has happened, and who better to receive it than Cubs manager, Joe Maddon. Ejected for arguing balls and strikes, the most common reason for an ejection, it was the Cubs’ third ejection of the year, Maddon’s second. On […]

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Temp vs time of game 1952-2015
A beautiful day at the ballpark in the summer is unrivaled. This is especially true in an outdoor venue when the temperatures are in the 65-75 range. But a hot summer’s day can be brutal for players, fans, and umpires alike. That begs the question: do games with bad weather end up being shorter than games in more ideal conditions?   To do so, the first set of data I took a look at was the full 2016 season through July 4th. I excluded box scores where temperature was not given (e.g. games played indoors), extra inning games (to be […]

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Finally! Ejections, and plenty of them. With 14 last week, the second highest number of ejections in a week this season, the umpires league-wide kept themselves busy. The high for the week belonged to both the Blue Jays, who have an astonishing 14 ejections on the season thus far, and the Pirates, who have the league’s second highest total of 10 ejections. The next closest team? The White Sox, with six ejections on the year.  The National League made a bit of progress in catching up to the junior circuit, with nine ejections to the American League’s five, narrowing the […]

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Below The Box Score
If you had places to be this week, hopefully you were not a fan of Colorado baseball. In all seven games this week, the Rockies averaged a 3:40 length of game. The twist? Not one single extra inning game. With 102 runs over seven games, nobody got home from a Rockies game in shorter than 3:17 this week. On the other side of things, nobody watching an Indians game spent more than 3:01 at the ballpark, as the Cleveland fans were able to nurse their championship hangovers with fast-moving baseball this week. With an average game of 2:40 this week, Indians fans […]

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National Anthem Map
Apologies in advance for not staying in my lane, but this one truly had a sporting origin.  While sitting and watching the UEFA 2016 tournament, I really enjoy watching Spain take the pitch for the national anthem as their fans sing the unofficial lyrics while the team members themselves stand stoically. It made me wonder what the distribution of national anthems were by theme. I took the lyrics from the respective Wikipedia page of the nation, then I divided them into the six categories mentioned below. In cases where multiple categories applied, I took the “most right” option, judging from the […]

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If you’re a fan of attending the ballgame with a nice summer’s breeze, and view going to a baseball game as an opportunity to sit outside in the nice weather, it’s safe to say you probably don’t attend San Francisco Giants games.  At least through June.  The Giants hosted a miserable (weather-wise) three game series this week, with temperatures varying from a frigid 58 to a chilly 61, with every game having winds between 21-25 MPH. In fact, the Giants have only had one home game in the 70s this year, with an average temperature a hair above 60 degrees. I […]

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Every week we take a look at the weekly changes in the Baseball Organizational Rankings that we here at AMSTS have created in an effort to quantify the quality of various team’s entire organization. For those unfamiliar with the Baseball Organizational Rankings, they’re a simple metric that takes winning percentages and weights each tier of major and minor leagues by some AMSTS-defined defaults (but are also user-customizable to play around with different results!). New this week, the Texas Rangers have recaptured the top spot in this week’s overall rankings, after a long hiatus in 2nd and 3rd positions since early May. The Rangers […]

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In a post on FiveThirtyEight yesterday, noted political pundit and Sabrematrician Nate Silver posited that “Las Vegas Is A a Terrible Place For An NHL Team” based upon his robust analysis….   Built upon Google searching habits.   That’s right. One of the most respected data analysts in the blogosphere simplified a metric of “fans in a given metro area” to “number of people who Googled ‘NHL’ in a particular city” and applying the ratios given as a proxy for number of fans. He links to an article that gives us this less than helpful table:   Wow, look at that! […]

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