A few days ago, reports appeared which indicated that Major League Baseball’s competition committee had agreed to two key changes under the guise of “speeding up the game.” Intentional walks will not need to be pitched, the pitcher can indicate that he wants to walk the batter, and the batter will be immediately granted first base. The bottom of the strike zone will be raised to the top of the kneecap.   Now, if you’re a big baseball fan, you can already tell off the bat that these two proposals won’t do much, but I did the math to demonstrate it. […]

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Cooler heads have prevailed this week, as only nine ejections were recorded to last week’s 17.  Interestingly, the AL continues to dominate, having almost twice as many ejections as the NL, with a score of 37-19. This week the Blue Jays once again took center (or rather, centre) stage with three ejections in three separate incidents, including the rare “Top of the first arguing balls and strikes” ejection. In attendance, the story remains the Cleveland Indians. Another two games this week, with 12,184 and 13,095 announced. To put a little perspective on the Indians’ attendance this year: If they were to […]

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Every week — or so, last week was cancelled because I welcomed my first child into the world — we take a look at the weekly changes in the Baseball Organizational Rankings that we here at AMSTS have created in an effort to quantify the quality of various team’s entire organization.   For those unfamiliar with the Baseball Organizational Rankings, they’re a simple metric that takes winning percentages and weights each tier of major and minor leagues by some AMSTS-defined defaults (but are also user-customizable to play around with different results!).   New this week, the Cleveland Indians take the top spot, hopping […]

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The ejections continue at nearly an exponential pace with SEVENTEEN ejections this week, seven of which were the result of the now-famous Odor Punch™ & ensuing brawl that took place on Sunday.  The American League continues to absolutely dominate the National League, with 29 ejections on the season to the Senior Circuit’s 18. In completely unsurprising news, the Blue Jays have been thrust into the top spot in the ejections contest with a total of seven on the season, six on Sunday alone. I can’t wait to see what next week looks like, should the ejections trend continue.   In […]

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The interesting stat of the week? 12 ejections, ten of which were in the American League, giving the league a commanding lead in season ejections, 18-11.   Secondarily, the story remains Cleveland’s terrible attendance. At this point, there have been three games this entire MLB season with fewer than 10,000 fans and all three took place at Progressive Field. This week, Cleveland set the season low with a Wednesday night game against division foe Detroit that only managed to draw 8,766 fans.  To Indians’ fans credit, there was Game 2 of the NBA Conference Semifinals taking place in Cleveland that […]

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  MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred told CSN Chicago on Thursday that both Montreal and Mexico City are in the sights of the league for potential expansion to 32 teams.  Montreal would bring a team back to the city after they moved south in 2004. Mexico City, on the other hand, would be completely new and fascinating for a number of reasons.   First, it would be the first whole-hearted venture of a major professional sports league in any Latin American country. The NFL has played a regular season game in Mexico City, and the NBA has played three regular season games there. But […]

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The Baseball Organizational Rankings have been out for a few weeks now, and it’s time to take a look at the changes that have happened since launch.   For those unfamiliar with the Baseball Organizational Rankings, they’re a simple metric that takes winning percentages and weights each tier of major and minor leagues by some AMSTS-defined defaults (but are also user-customizable to play around with different results!).   To start off, this week the Chicago Cubs take the top spot, largely on the back of their MLB success. Being a whole 3 games ahead of the second best team in […]

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The story this week is FAST BASEBALL, with lots of new records being set this week in regards to pace of play.   First off, the Dodgers and Padres played on Sunday and completed the entire ordeal in a mere 127 minutes, becoming the quickest game of the year so far. This was a 1-0 affair for the Dodgers, on the back of Clayton Kershaw. Kershaw gave up only three hits over nine innings, and contributed at the plate with one hit and an RBI, the game’s only run.  Six total hits and two walks meant that not much action […]

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Living in Germany, my options for live, high-caliber sports are limited, if I don’t want to sit outside in 35 degree rainy weather and watch soccer. As such, over the past year and a half I’ve tried to “make it work” with hockey and basketball.  With hockey, the larger ice helps the game feel more open and covers up the lower level of talent a little bit.  Basketball, on the other hand, isn’t helped and the caliber of play in Basketball Bundesliga is noticeably worse –from my observation– than your run of the mill NCAA game.  My suspicion was confirmed by […]

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The story of this week has to be the ejections. After last week had no ejections, the umps warmed up their tossin’ arms and 6 were ejected this week.  The Padres had two of their own rung up this week, which is the weekly high for a team (unsurprisingly).  The Padres helped even the score between the AL and NL at 5 total ejections on the year.   Meanwhile, some interesting time of game stats. The Twins took on the Nationals on Sunday night for a mere five hours and twenty five minutes to play 16 innings, the longest game […]

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In an effort to make the success of an organization more clear, we have introduced the AMSTS Baseball Organizational Rankings. This allows you to play around with the sliders to appropriately weight the value of each league, from MLB to the Rookie League, to see what organization tops your list.   Methodology: For the default rankings, I used values of where X was assigned to each league based on the following: MLB = 10, AAA = 8, AA = 6, A = 4, Rookie-Adv = 2.  Leagues that fell in between the two levels were given the corresponding halfway point (A-Advanced […]

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April is a great time for baseball, if you like rain delays and wild temperature swings. This week’s low temperature demonstrates how volatile the springtime is.  In Minnesota, Wednesday’s game was a comfortable 68 degrees for an 8 PM start. The very next day, at 1 PM, the temperatures had dropped down to a chilly 42 degrees. That was naturally complemented by a brisk 21 MPH wind, making the Twins vs White Sox game the second windiest of the week, but likely the most miserable from a fan perspective.  And that’s before you factor in that it was the 9th […]

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