The definitive chart: Should you just take the delay of game penalty or should you call a timeout
  I’ll admit it: I’m not “wired” correctly. I remember being around 8-9 years old, fresh off of playing Madden ’94, yelling at the TV when the Miami Dolphins called a timeout to save themselves the five yard penalty with 11 minutes to go in the second half. “You idiots! That 5 yards is worth a lot less than saving 40 seconds in the waning moments of the game!” I said, probably not nearly as eloquent as I have just phrased it.   I was right then, I’m right now: you should save the timeout and not worry about the […]

Don’t waste a time out to save a delay of ...   Recently updated!

Week 12 was certainly an interesting one. After I made fun of the SEC for scheduling FCS opponents this late in the season, South Carolina went out and lost to The Citadel. Welp. Let’s see how I did last week: Suck: Florida 20, FAU 13 (OT). Definitely not suck. Florida continues to play down to opponents. Louisiana Tech 17, UTEP 15. Definitely not suck UConn 20, Houston 17. Definitely not suck The computers (and by extension, me) could not have been more wrong. These three games ended up being three excellent games, with almost all three being upsets. I WILL NEVER LET YOU […]

Week 13 (Rivalry week!) NCAA Football Predictions: Games that will/won’t ...   Recently updated!

After the success of last week’s lowest attended games, let’s take another look this week, shall we? The three lowest attended FBS football games this week, per announced figures as always: 3. Western Michigan at Northern Illinois – MACtion was not on the schedule this week for those in DeKalb, but there are a litany of excuses including but not limited to: “school night,” “it’s cold,” “it’s supposed to snow in 3 days” and “NIU sucks,” of which probably the last is the most valid. Only 10,194 announced souls ventured out to see the Huskies defeat the Broncos 27-19. 2. Miami (OH) […]

Least attended NCAA Football Games: Week 12   Recently updated!

  Purdue traveled to snowy Iowa City this weekend, and got a huge gift from Vegas.  23.5 points! In what was forecast to be inclement weather! With low temps! I knew from the start this bet was lost before it was even placed. That’s probably why, for some reason, I forgot to screenshot the actual bet. But here is my bet history which confirms that I did, in fact, lose:     But when the game started, Iowa jumped off to a 20-0 lead. “Maybe this line isn’t so bad,” I thought. Then, with the help of STAR QUARTERBACK AUSTIN APPELBY, […]

Betting against my alma mater, week 12: confirmed for losing

We’re getting close to the end of the season, and the quality of games are getting generally better, with the exception of the SEC teams (And this year FSU!) having their annual “bye week” by scheduling an FCS team the week before rivalry week. Lame.  Let’s look at how week 11 turned out:   Suck: Appalachian State 47, Idaho 20. Suck Oklahoma State 35, Iowa State 31. Not suck Navy 55, SMU 14. Definitely suck   Apologies due to the Cyclones fans out there, they hung tough with a Cowboys team as they always seem to do. For some reason Oklahoma State can’t […]

NCAA Football Week 12: Games that will/won’t suck

3. Idaho vs Appalachian State – Hopefully the loyal AMSTS crowd in Moscow, Idaho read the Week 11 games that will/won’t suck and decided to stay home. Given that the Kibbie Dome only holds about 16,000 though, this isn’t nearly as bad as it may seem. I suspect Idaho often ends up on this list. Total attendance: 10113, Capacity: 16000. % full: 63.2% 2. Louisiana-Monroe vs Arkansas State – I feel like I have spent way too much time talking about the Sun Belt this year. I have been to Monroe, Louisiana, and I can tell you, when there’s a football game going on […]

The three least attended NCAA Football games this week

  Purdue took on Northwestern this weekend, and the oddsmakes loved the Wildcats’ chances. Of course, after covering in two of the last three weeks I was surprised the line was as high as it was. It seems nobody knows which Purdue team is going to show up.     And apparently it was the “not awful” one, as the Boilers stuck around through most of the game. It wasn’t until a 4th quarter TD by the Wildcats that the game was decided. The spread was never really in reach, without the help of some fluke late game pick six (see: […]

Betting against my alma mater, Week 11: Back to break ...

Here’s probably one of the best pieces of internet work done in a long time. Someone put together a year by year image of every NFL team’s logo into one massive image. Before I share it with you, here are some initial takeaways and things to look for: The last logo change in the NFC East was in 1996. This is the longest a division has gone without any team changing a logo. The NFC North holds the record for longest period without a logo change, from 1974-2009, 35 years without a change. The Redskin flipped directions for 1982. It seemed […]

Some guy made a composite image of the history of ...

Let’s just jump into it, shall we?  Here’s how my week 10 predictions fared: Suck: Louisiana Tech 56, North Texas 13. Definitely suck. Oklahoma 52, Iowa State 16. Definitely suck. Michigan 49, Rutgers 16. Definitely suck. Hey, look at that! I went 3/3. By this point of the season, predicting games that will suck is child’s play though.  How about the not suck ames? Not Suck: New Mexico State 31, Texas State 21. Not suck Oklahoma State 49, TCU 29. Sucked, but at least it was an upset. Washington State 38, Arizona State 24. It was a 1 TD game until 4 minutes to go, so […]

NCAA Football Week 11 – Games that will/won’t suck

So I was out of town last week as the Boilermakers took down the Cornhuskers, not only covering, but WINNING THE GAME. It was impressive. Sure, the Huskers were hurt, but Purdue SCORED FIFTY FIVE POINTS!  Nebraska was favored by 7.5, and it was never in doubt that Purdue would cover.   Well worth losing the ten Euros, especially since I know five or so Husker fans, who are all on suicide watch this season.   Moving on to Week 10, it went the other way. The line was haywire, it opened at Illinois -2.5, went up to Illinois -5, […]

Betting against my alma mater: Weeks 9 & 10

A little delayed this week due to me being on vacation, but let’s review how I did last week: Suck: Oklahoma 62, Kansas 7. Definitely suck. Ole Miss 27, Auburn 19. Not suck. Memphis 41, Tulane 13. Definitely suck.   Not Suck: Penn State 39, Illinois 0. Suck Virginia Tech 26, Boston College 10. Suck too, ugh. Oregon 61, Arizona State 55, after 3 OT. So much not suck we’ll look the other way on the first two sucking, right guys, right?      So now for Week 10: Suck 1) Louisiana Tech vs North Texas  North Texas, despite a fluke win last week (they had […]

NCAA Football Week 10, Games that will/won’t suck

Hi and welcome back to “Games that will/won’t suck.”  As always, we’ll start with how we did last week, and by last week, I mean Week 7 because I am terrible at life and was too busy enjoying delicious American food last week.   Suck: Western Kentucky 55, North Texas 28. Result: Suck Houston 42, Tulane 7. Result: Suck Texas Tech 30, Kansas 20. Result: Surprisingly not Suck.   Not Suck: New Mexico 28, Hawaii 27. Result: Not Suck at all! Miami (FL) 30, Virginia Tech 20. Result: Not suck Washington State 52, Oregon State 31. Result: Suck   I continue to go 2-1 in both […]

Week 9 NCAA Football: Games that will and won’t suck